What a great man: Brian Bennett

Here's a letter we have received last week to honor BRIAN BENNETT, our Equipment Manager. He is without a doubt, the best one in the league!!!
Good Afternoon! I am hoping this does not interrupt anyone's day to much and I do hope I'm sending it to the right place. I just wanted to reach out today and send a quick note in regards to your Equipment Manager Brian. He is just an outstanding gentlemen. 
We have had the pleasure of speaking with and dealing with him on a few occasions now. We deliver for Steve's Pizzeria here in Chatham on weekends and some nights during the week, so when he approached us about helping him out with these baseball orders and noting some games may be later we gladly took that task on, which is how we bumped into Brian. 
Multiple times we have come now and every single time he greats us, he's very friendly, he's polite, helpful. Just an absolutely top tier gentlemen. You are lucky to have someone like him working in your organization. Always waiting at the back with a smile, offering to help and chatting along the entire time. Which let me be completely honest here when i say that is very refreshing. We have delivered to many businesses, events, large parties in and around Chatham, and have never been treated so nicely and we hope he knows how much it's appreciated.
Anyway I don't want to take up to much of your time I just wanted to let you know what a nice gentlemen you have working for you and how lucky you are.
Have a Great Day!