Lights, camera, action!
If you've ever dreamed or donned a larger-than-life mascot suit and brought joy to the crowds, this is your chance to shine at Fergie Jenkins Field this summer for the inaugural 2024 IBL season of the Barnstormers!
The Barnstormers are seeking explicitly individuals who can move effortlessly and gracefully in a full-body mascot suit, complete with a headpiece that may restrict the range of motion and visibility. The ideal height range for applicants is between 5'-9" and 6'-1". Your expertise in emoting and entertaining while confined within a mascot suit will be crucial for creating memorable scenes at the Barnstormers’ home-games and events.
Being a mascot is a challenging task. It requires talent, dedication, and a deep understanding of non-verbal communication. Mascots are often the face of a team or brand, responsible for entertaining and engaging with audiences through expressive body movements. From high-fives to dance routines, their ability to evoke emotions and create a lively atmosphere is unparalleled.
If you have experience or the talent to fill the costume, please apply now and let your mascot magic come to life!
All you have to do is send us your letter of intention as well as the background music you would like for your 1 minute and 30 seconds performance audition to
*** No walk-on auditions.
The deadline to submit your name is Friday, February 2, 2024.
The selected applicants will be called for a live audition at Fergie Jenkins Field on February 10 at 1 pm.